Abu Dhabi Sports to broadcast the first MMA event in Pakistan

Brave 17, the first global mixed martial event to take place in Pakistan will be broadcasted live on Abu Dhabi sports. This also marks the first time mixed martial arts is covered by a global broadcasting network from Pakistan. Abu Dhabi Sports will broadcast the event live in the Middle East and North Africa. Brave TV which is an initiative by Brave Combat Federation developed in the Kingdom of Bahrain will broadcast the event on a pay per view basis where broadcast partners are not yet established. Brave 17 marks the first time a combat sports event taking place is broadcasted live on Abu Dhabi Sports.
Brave 17 will take place on 27th October in Lahore. Brave Combat Federation has announced that the main event will feature the clash between Brazil and France. Rodrigo Cavalheiro from Brazil will face off Abdoul Abdouraguimov from France. This also marks the first time International athletes are competing in Pakistan.Brave Combat Federation has confirmed that there will be multiple Pakistani athletes featured in the fight card to develop the sport locally and to provide a global opportunity for athletes. Uloomi Karim from Pakistan is currently scheduled to compete in the co-main event against Jeremy Pacatiw from Philippines. With Brave 17, the organisation has hosted events in 12 nations around the world.
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