BRAVE NEWS #28: Harris vs Al-Silawi rivalry gets real; 46th Bahrain National Day

Online show updates fans on the latest Welterweight rivalry and fighter's tributes to Bahrain

Brave News, the online show that keeps worldwide fans updated on everything related to the fastest-growing MMA promotion in the world, comes back this week with updates from a brewing rivalry. Welterweight champion Carlston Harris and contender Jarrah Al-Silawi have been going back and forth in a build-up to a possible title fight.

After “Moçambique” admitted he would like to fight away from Brazil, where he spent most of his career, Al-Silawi sent a message to the champ, claiming he was simply “holding the belt for him”. Harris, who also said he’s be willing to face his possible foe at Al-Silawi’s home country of Jordan, didn’t like what he heard and fired back, promising to beat the “Jordanian Lion” and taunted him, saying “it was no good to lose in front of his home fans”.

Speaking of Jordanian stars, Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady is back in the United States, where he trains at Fortis MMA, in Texas. In the gym, Selwady was able to have another meeting with his 6-year-old student Rayann, who was diagnosed with autism and has been using the martial arts classes as a way to overcome her challenges. He talked about the opportunity to change people’s life through MMA and guaranteed: “Amidst of a thousand injustices, we have a million reasons to be thankful”. Al-Selwady, who’s coming off a career-defining win against Erick “Índio Brabo” at Brave 9, has been working with Rayann for a while and has talked about how she’s helped him on and off the cage.

Some of the most important names among the Brave roster, including champ Carlston Harris and Egypt’s Lightweight star Ahmed Amir, came publicly to wish Bahrain a happy National Day and share their experiences in the country or express their hope to fight in Brave Combat Federation’s homeland one day.

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