Can Keith Lee handle the bright lights of Brave Combat Federation?

Bantamweight prospect Keith Lee has been hailed as one of the best young fighters in the United States and will make his international debut, this Saturday, in Tangier, Morocco, as he takes on Jeremy Pacatiw from the Philippines at Brave 14. At 21-years-old, “Killa” is set for stardom, but first will need to deal with the bright lights of a global promotion.
Brave president Mohammed Shahid spoke of his excitement at welcoming a huge prospect to the promotion but agreed he would need to get used to the big show in order to further develop himself as an MMA star.
“Keith is a big name and has a lot going on for him. He’s going to fight an opponent who’s used to the bright lights of Brave. Jeremy has been there and done that since the beginning, so he’s used to all the attention that comes with being a Brave fighter. The whole world is watching you, you have royalty, celebrities, and the MMA world watching you. That’s something that Jeremy has experienced before, and that’s new to Keith. We will find out how he deals with that, and that’s one of the appeals of this fight. How will Keith Lee handle the pressure of being in a global promotion with the whole world watching?”, asks Shahid.
To help him cope with the expectations, Keith will have his brother, Lightweight star Kevin Lee on his corner. Shahid feels that Kevin’s presence shows the importance of this fight to his brother’s career.
“I mean, Kevin Lee said the other day on The Ariel Helwani Show, that he would have to make way in his fight camp to come down to Morocco and corner his brother. He knows this is a big deal for Keith and a pivotal moment in his young career. Keith knows this could very well be his big break”, ponders Shahid.
Brave 14 will be broadcast worldwide through Combate (Brazil), FloCombat (USA), FiteTV (USA, Canada, Australia, UK), StarSat (Africa), Vodacom (South Africa), AD Sports (Middle East & North Africa) and B1B (Bulgaria). Other locations can watch the groundbreaking show on Brave TV at
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