Cyrus Fees is confirmed as Brave 1 official commentator

Every fight promotion needs its lynchpin commentator, the voice which guides the action and gives an exciting narrative, facts and crucial insight which gets our juices flowing for the occasion.

A big promotion needs a big-time commentator whose voice, and presence on the screen will be charismatic, infectious and irresistible to the ears.

Additionally, someone who can interview the fighters and command their respect, have enough personality to charm the biggest, baddest men on the planet and have a down-to-earth conversation with them.

Ahead of their premier show on September 23rd, Brave Combat Federation got their man. Enter the play-by-play commentator for Global Force Wrestling, EFC Worldwide, Art of War and Euro FC. The versatile man who is a television host, news anchorman and ring announcer on top of his commentary duties, a truly global force in the world of TV personalities. Enter the 34-year-old commentator on top his game, Cyrus Fees.

Brave, which is now not only stacked with high-caliber fights featuring some of the world’s finest mixed martial artists, can now welcome one of the slickest, brightest talents on the television screens,Mr Fees, and he is an indication of the vision held by Mohammad Shahid, CEO of Brave and his close confidante, Bahrain’s beloved Shaikh Bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Expect not only excitement and thrilling action, but a very polished show with one of the world’s most in-form commentators and personalities on TV, who guides the action effortlessly. And Vice Chairman of Brave Alex Soto could not hide his joy after securing Fees’ services.

He said: “We needed the right commentary for brave combat federation. And I couldn’t be more excited to have Cyrus fees on our show. He himself is an international voice and we are very happy and pleased to have him on September 23rd. We are also very excited to have him accompanied by a well-known figure here in Bahrain as fly weight champion shorty Torres will also be commentating on the fights.”
The young, affable fighter with the world at his feet, “Shorty” Torres, propping up the young, charming commentator with the world at his feet – what a combination!

Watch this crisp one-two in action on September 23rd as they witness the inaugural show, Brave: The Beginning at Khalifa Sports City, Isa Town, Bahrain.

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