Major Welterweight fight in the making at Brave CF

Rodrigo Cavalheiro sent shockwaves in the welterweight division of Brave Combat Federation with the explosive knockout victory over Karl Amoussou at Brave 13 in Belfast. Cavalheiro has two knockout victories in the promotion and is racing towards competing for the welterweight championship. When Brave Combat Federation announced the upcoming events for 2018 during the Brave Global Expansion 2018 conference, Cavalheiro was among the first to pitch in for a fight.
The proposed fight is one that will be a treat for the fight fans as he challenged none other than Tahar Hadbi. Hadbi is recovering from the fracture in his left hand and is soon set to make his return in the promotion. During the poster release of Brave 16 hosted in Abu Dhabi, UAE the welterweight powerhouse reached out to the Algerian welterweight fighter. 
“Brave 16 Abu Dhabi is the perfect event to put me against Tahar Hadbi. Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today”, said Cavalheiro. 
Hadbi responded immediately and while responding he did not hold back from taking a dig at his rival, Karl Amoussou. “It would be a pleasure to compete against you. But I am still recovering! Let us do this in Bahrain, during November. What kind of fight you want ? An easy one like against Karl Amoussou, or a big war between two beasts? I respect you, so need to be at 100%”
Tahar had been vocal about his animosity with Amoussou and had recently accused Amoussou and Fakhreddine as greatest actors from the world of mixed martial arts. The show of respect by the two welterweights offer new possibilities in the division. “We shall meet soon”, Rodrigo responded towards Hadbi. Brave Combat Federation will return to the Kingdom of Bahrain during the Brave International Combat Week 2018 hosted during 11th -18th of November


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