Brave 12: KHK Legacy is set to take Jakarta, Indonesia by storm on Friday night as the first-ever South East Asian Brave Combat Federation was confirmed after the ceremonial weigh-ins today. Lightweights Eldar Eldarov (70.7 kg) and Brian Hooi (70.3), who both weighed in within the divisional limit, exchanged words at their face-off pumping the crowd for their fight.
The co-main event features a contender’s bout at Welterweight and France’s Tahar Hadbi and Jarrah Al-Selawe were all business as they stared each other down. There were no words exchanged, but they kept tensions high while facing off, pleasing the crowd.
Former UFC fighters Mehdi Baghdad and Leonardo Mafra also had tense staredowns against their opponents – “The Sultan” takes on Pawel Kielek at Welterweight and “Macarrão” meets Gadzhimusa Gaziev in a Catchweight bout.
Out of the 24 fighters in action, only two missed weight – Vincent Majid weighed in at 94 kg for his Light Heavyweight bout against Jing Yi Chong and will be fined 10% of his purse, while Englishman Hardeep Rai will forfeit 30% of his paycheck to his adversary, New Zealand’s John Brewin, after coming in heavy for their Lightweight duel.
The main event of Brave 12: KHK Legacy features a Lightweight bout between Russia’s Eldar Eldarov and Brian Hooi from the Netherlands. The show also marks the debut of newly-signed stars Mehdi Baghdad, Leonardo Mafra, Khalid Taha and Anthony Engelen.
In addition, Brave 12 will also feature athletes from the KHK MMA Fight Team, hosted in Bahrain, and found by His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Eldar Eldarov, Hamza Kooheji, Hussain Ayyad, Marat Magomedov, Gamzat Magomedov, Akhmed Magomedov and Mehdi Baghdad have been training at the world-class facilities in preparation for fight night in Jakarta.
Brave 12: KHK Legacy Weigh-In results
Lightweight: Eldar Eldarov (70.7 kg) vs. Brian Hooi (70.3 kg)
Welterweight: Tahar Hadbi (77.5 kg) vs. Jarrah Al Selawe (77.1 kg)
Welterweight: Mehdi Baghdad (77.1 kg) vs Pawel Kielek (77.5 kg)
Light Heavyweight: Vincent Majid (94 kg)* vs. Jing Yi Chong (92 kg)
Featherweight: Hamza Kooheji (66.1 kg) vs. Khaled Taha (65.6 kg)
Featherweight Marat Magomedov (66 kg) vs. Luke Adams (65.8 kg)
Catchweight: Gadzhimusa Gaziev (74.3 kg) vs. Leonardo Mafra (74.1 kg)
Lightweight: Hardeep Rai (72.9 kg)** vs. John Brewin (70.65 kg)
Catchweight: Jeremy Pacatiw (63.75 kg) vs. Kaan Ofli (64 kg)
Flyweight: Hussain Ayyad (57.1 kg) vs. Jomar Pa-ac (56.6 kg)
Bantamweight: Gamzat Magomedov (61.2 kg) vs. Zeck Lange (61.5 kg)
Catchweight: Akhmed Magomedov (67.85 kg) vs. Anthony Engelen (67.85 kg)
*Vincent Majid was penalized in 10% of his earnings (which will be taken by his opponent)
**Hardeep Rai was penalized in 30% of his earnings (which will be taken by his opponent) 
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