Masio Fullen also pulled from title fight; Brave 2 has a new main event

Less than 24 hours after the announcement of Alan Omer’s injury, and his subsequent cut from the Brave 2 title fight, it was the turn of Mexico’s Masio Fullen to withdraw from the bout.

Fullen had a broken rib during his training and won’t be able to compete in the Featherweight title fight on December 2nd, in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

With Masio out, “Brave 2: Dynasty” now has a new main event: the duel between the two contenders of the welterweight division Russia’s Gadzhimusa Gaziev and United Kingdom’s Carl Booth.

Main card is restructured

Due to the series of changes, the entire main card has also been restructured and will now feature the two main fights valid for the welterweight division.

In addition to Booth vs. Gaziev in the main event, Morocco’s Ottman Azaitar vs. Argentina’s Kevin Koldosky will be the new co-main event of the evening.

Check out the final lineup below:

Main Card 8PM

Main Event (77kg) Gadzhimusa Gaziev (7-1, Russia) vs Carl “the Bomber” Booth (6-1, England)

Co-Main (77kg) Kevin “El General” Koldobsky (6-3 Argentina) vs Ottman Azaitar (6-0, Germany)

(77kg) Jarrah “Ziad” Selawe (6-2, Jordan) vs Erik Carlsson (5-1, Sweden)

(61kg) Hamza Kooheji (4-1, Bahrain) vs Jeremy Pacatiw (5-0, Philippines)

(66kg) Walel “the Gazelle” Watson (13-8, USA) VS Elias Boudegzdame (12-4 France)


(66kg) Daniel Swain (16-7, USA) VS Alex Da Silva (17-0, Brazil)

(61kg) Gurdarshan “St. Lion” Mangat (8-1, India) vs Troy “the Hunter” Bantaig (5-4, Philippines)

(94kg) Ben “the spider monkey” Forsyth (2-0, Ireland) VS Tyree Fortune (1-0, USA)

(61kg) Ahmed “Prince” Faress (13-1, Egypt) VS Cristian “el Taylon” Quiñones (6-1, Mexico)

(52kg) Haidar Farman (Pakistan, 3-1) vs Jomar Paac (2-0, Philippines)